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How Does Reseller Hosting Operate?

A reseller hosting solution is a possibility for the average user to gain profit on the Internet by selling the web server hard disk storage space furnished by a certain web hosting vendor. Most commonly, the web hosting corporations provide white label reseller hosting services, which implies that the resellers resell the hosting solutions on behalf of their very own brand. How it is all rendered viable and what the different types of reseller web hosting accounts are, you will find in this article.

How does reseller hosting perform and what are the different reseller hosting varieties?

The way in which reseller hosting performs is determined by the policy of the web hosting distributor, which provides the hosting service. The most famous type of reseller hosting account is the cPanel/WHM one. With it, you apportion the hosting server hard disk space, which your reseller account providers, among your clients utilizing the Web Host Manager Control Panel. With it, you may set up different web hosting plans and cPanel hosting accounts for your customers. With such a setup, the reseller needs to take care of the billing and client support provision. However, this too depends on the approach of the company. Another variety of reseller hosting program is the Free Reseller Program offered by ResellersPanel.com. With it, you determine your own personal retail prices for the provided web hosting packages, and for each and every transaction that you bring about, the chaps at ResellersPanel.com will provide you with a commission, which is essentially the difference between the retail and the wholesale prices. With this reseller web hosting solution, ResellersPanel.com provides technical support to the end users, which may be quite helpful if you do not wish to get fully immersed in the reseller hosting business. Of course, there might be different variations, but in most instances, you pay a monthly tax for a certain server hard disk space, which you need to apportion among your clients.

What kinds of hosting solutions can be resold using a reseller hosting account?

The average reseller hosting solution solely allows the users to offer shared hosting accounts. That's only because most reseller web hosting accounts are essentially shared accounts, which offer more functionalities. Just like with a shared web hosting server, most companies providing a cPanel/WHM reseller hosting solution host plenty of reseller hosting user accounts using the same hosting server. Therefore, the resellers are not supplied with full server root access to the web server config files, which means that the only web hosting service that they may sell are shared hosting accounts. This, however, refers only to the cPanel/WHM-powered reseller hosting services and once again, it is determined by the tactic that the provider has embraced towards those solutions. If the reseller has a bigger allowance, he can provide different solutions like VPS services or dedicated services under his very own private brand and get more users interested in the web hosting services that he is offering. Certainly, that will suggest that the reseller will need to cope with the customer support provision, as no web hosting solutions provider will desire to offer technical support to the end clients of such a service. Another way to offer more than just conventional shared packages is to sign up with the aforementioned Free Reseller Program, which ResellersPanel.com has created. With it, the resellers are able to resell VPS services, semi-dedicated services and dedicated services, together with shared web hosting plans, without having to buy any of the solutions beforehand. This is the easiest and most risk-free way to sell hosting plans over the web, as it involves no preliminary charges and you don't have to be technically capable, as you won't be involved in providing customer and invoicing support. Depending on the provider's approach, there might be different supplementary hosting solutions, which the hosting reseller may offer, like domain name registrations, Secure Sockets Layer certificates, domain name privacy protection services, and so on. So, before registering for anything, one should first check what precisely the reseller hosting account of the particular hosting corporation has to offer.

"Which hosting company should I select?"

There is quite an easy answer to that question. When choosing a web hosting package, it's always preferable to settle on an established hosting supplier, which has been operating for several years, and which distributes hosting services around the world. Such hosting service providers can be easily recognized by the manner in which they are providing their website hosting plans. An established web hosting accounts provider will not only provide well-balanced web hosting and reseller hosting solutions, but it will also offer features that are solely theirs and that set them apart from all the other hosting companies. For instance, ResellersPanel.com has not merely invented a one-of-a-kind reseller program where you don't need to pay in order to resell their solutions, but ResellersPanel.com has also devised its own personal website hosting CP. The quality of the staff that works for a particular hosting distributor is extremely important and has a big effect on the quality of the hosting services that are being distributed, whereas custom-developed functionalities are a proof that the web hosting distributor has skilled, trained web developers. The quality of the website hosting service matters when you're registering for a reseller hosting account. It's much simpler to relocate one site than to move a few client accounts, if you ever find it mandatory to switch the reseller hosting vendor. This is the reason why, one should pick prudently before putting their trust in a particular web hosting company.